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Fostering hope, joy, and transformation through the power of therapeutic experiences, in every life we touch.


Soundwave Music Therapy offers a suite of custom-tailored music-based services, ranging from individualized sessions in clients' homes to group sessions designed to enhance programs with partnering organizations. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about music therapy, contact us!

How Music Therapy Can Help

Problems We Solve

  • Limited attention span

  • Oppositional and defiant behaviors

  • Speech and motor problems

  • Cognitive and social deficiencies

  • Undeveloped self-concept and self-esteem

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Addiction

  • Dementia

Techniques We Use

  • Lyrical analysis and discussion

  • Musical games 

  • Passive and active music listening

  • Playing musical instruments

  • Pairing music with other therapies

  • Songwriting

  • Curating playlists

  • Teaching an instrument

People We Help

We work with children and adults of all ages, diagnoses, and abilities. This includes:

  • Medically fragile and complex children

  • Individuals struggling with mental health

  • People in recovery from substance use

  • Children and adults with IDD or ASD

  • Older adults

Places We Go

We meet our clients where they are - literally. Sessions can take place:

  • In homes

  • In schools

  • At facilities (rehab, memory care, etc.)

  • At one of our offices, if preferred

VP of Clinical Services, Sophros Recovery

"Our clients have consistently amazing things to say about music therapy. Many clients express a benefit of music therapy helping to balance emotionally heavier groups while remaining beneficial and impactful. It is a way in which clients can express themselves without the pressure of having to share verbally and helps to break down barriers for clients who struggle with vulnerability. We are beyond lucky to have Soundwave Music Therapy!"
Piano Lesson

Our Promise

Only the best.

Soundwave Music Therapy exemplifies what it means to be leaders in the field - as a provider, as a partner, and as an employer. Every member of our clinical team is board-certified (or board-eligible) as a music therapist. We are committed to delivering the highest quality music therapy services in every community we are privileged to serve.


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